Dubai is an impressive, modern metropolis – a genuine hub of business and finance for the Middle East. If you are traveling to Dubai for a vacation or an extended stay, there are some truly great districts to live in while you’re there. Keep in mind that Dubai is a very expensive city, and any of the top neighborhoods will take a bite out of your pocketbook. Here are the best neighborhoods to stay in 2019:

Mirdif: this family-friendly neighborhood is one of the most multicultural in the city. You’ll live alongside expats from Europe, Australia, The Philippines, India as well as a host of other international countries. This district is comprised of sophisticated gated communities with European-style villas. Some are shared while most are private.

Creekside: This neighborhood is located in the Al Fahidi District, one of the oldest parts of Dubai, and it combines old and new. you can spend great time at the cafes, art galleries, and also in the shops that offer various choices.

Jumeirah: Jumeirah is one of the original neighborhoods in Dubai. From its humble beginnings as a poor area of adobe homes, this district has grown into one of the wealthiest in the city. In fact, due to the immense wealth of the folks who live in this area, Jumeirah has been given the title “Beverly Hills” of Dubai. You can stay in a luxurious beachfront villa or one of the high-rise condominiums that line the shoreline drive, which is dotted with tall palm trees. Jumeirah is located within a short drive of the bustling downtown, where dozens of skyscrapers glisten in the heat of the day.

Downtown: Living downtown is nice but expensive – very expensive. But if you do decide to rent an apartment in downtown Dubai, there is no shortage of endless sights to keep you amused and entertained. There’s the iconic Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building as well as the Dubai Mall, the 21st – largest on the planet. Wide marble sidewalks, art galleries, and five-star restaurants symbolize the immense wealth of this city. There are many residential options if you choose to live downtown.

The Marina: This neighborhood was only developed in 2003. Since then, hundreds of hotels, luxury apartments and condominiums have sprung up, giving the neighborhood the feeling of being on the Middle Eastern version of Miami Beach or Australia’s Gold Coast. If you feel like having dinner on the beach, there are many fine establishments in The Marina. Furthermore, the local – and expat – community is very active here. You can take in festivals or community events or go shopping in one of the many markets. The most popular residential developments in this district is The Beach. Here, there are more foreigners than locals.

Emirates Hills: It doesn’t get much fancier than this: Emirates Hills is a gated community that is home to many of the city’s movers and shakers. It consists exclusively of freestanding properties with lawns and swimming pools. You can rent or purchase a villa/home in Emirates Hills. Emirates Hills is close to a beach, boutiques, and shopping areas and features the city’s best schools, including Dubai British School and Dubai International Academy.

Al Barsha: If you are staying in Dubai with children, Al Barsha is one of the best neighborhoods for you. It’s quiet here, there are good schools and it is located within the downtown area. Accommodation options include renting a villa or an apartment.