As a member of the UNICEF leadership circle, model Jessica Kahawaty will be departing on her 3rd
humanitarian trip to visit the Az Zarqa refugee camp in Jordan, off the Syrian border. Throughout the 15th
– 18th April, Jessica will be on the field interacting with specialists, community leaders, children and their
families to learn about programs and services provided by UNICEF to underprivileged children in Jordan.
For the first time, Jessica will be discovering the talent and innovations of the Syrian refugees, to promote
the message that despite the individuals enduring horrible conflicts and loss, there is still an inspirational
hope of positivity and talent that should be shared globally.
Jessica is incredibly passionate about Human Rights, having graduated from a Law Degree with a focus
on Human Rights in Australia, Jessica will use her social media platform to raise further global awareness
and support.
The trip will also highlight the urgent concerns the families in Jordan face due to depletion of scarce water
resources, the high numbers of children out of school and involved in labour, high social tensions over
jobs, rising rents and commodity prices, and limited capacity of the health care and education sectors to
meet the current needs.